Jadé Package

Jadé Package


The Jadé Package is the ULTIMATE world of fun. Hire this if you're looking for a way to entertain children of different ages. The Jade package is our full package and comes with:

  • Everything in the Baby J package!
  • Everything in the Jolly pacakge!
  • Additional slide (optional)
  • 2 Tommy Tike cars (free with this package)



These soft play frames are a network of individual soft play pods cleverly and securely linked together. They form a challenging maze for children to climb, wriggle, crawl, balance, slide and more. It's an excellent soft play area to hire to encourage active play, navigation and problem solving skills.

This package is suitable for children between 0 - 7 as not only does it include play options for the older kids, but the little ones can enjoy the separate ball pit, climbers and steps. All our equipment in this package is soft and well padded, and with each pod featuring a different activity. It has multiple entry and exit points and includes a ball pond and large slide. Because the pods come as individual sections, the layout can be changed according to the space you have available.


If you want the children at your event to have a lot of fun just playing this is the perfect package to hire. Hire it to experience for yourself!


    The dimensions of each pod is:

    Height: 1.81m

    Width: 1.45m

    Length: 0.75


    Please note, the Jolly & Jade package are made up of individual pods connected together.



    Due to its weight and bulkiness:

    * The Jadé package can not be delivered to venue's with more than 4 steps to access the main hall, room or garden. Front steps leading to a door (max. 5) is fine.

    * Direct access or a easily accessible lift must be available at venue's where it will be hired.

    * Please check the lift dimensions to ensure each pod will fit inside.


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